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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following talk.

Good morning, everybody. Last night was the annual general meeting of our shareholders, and the topic of discussion was about the future of this enterprise. As you know, our profits have fallen dramatically. However, the good news is that nobody doubts that the company can be turned around. The meeting decided on a course of action aimed at reducing costs and increasing sales. In order to achieve this, a team of consultants will be visiting the company′s operations over the next five days. They will then write a report recommending specific actions. We trust that you will give them your full cooperation. Thank you.

1. What took place yesterday?
A. A shareholder's meeting.
B. A visit to the plant floor.
C. A distribution of the company's stock shares.
D. The company's annual sale.
2. How will they change the course of action?
A. By having a meeting to find solutions.
B. By hiring more workers to run their operations more smoothly.
C. By distributing the company's stock shares among the employees.
D. By asking a team of consultants to scrutinize their operations.
3. What is the purpose of the talk?
A. To educate the staff to work more efficiently.
B. To introduce an investment opportunity.
C. To announce the date of a future meeting.
D. To notify people about the results of a meeting.
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