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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following announcement.
Attention all employees. Be sure to tell your family members that we will be postponing our annual summer picnic until Saturday Aug. 12.
This year′s event will take place at the Peacemaker′s memorial park. Food will include chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs and a wide variety of salad, snacks and soft drinks. There will be games for adults and children and. swimming in the park pool. So bring your swim-suit. Dressing rooms and other facilities are available and there′re plenty of free parking spaces. The park is easy to reach on highway 98 just past the high school. For more information, contact your supervisor or the personnel department. I hope to see you at that picnic.

1. Where will the picnic be held?
A. At the high school.
B. In a park.
C. On company grounds.
D. In the parking lot.
2. What are picnic-goers reminded to bring?
A. Swimsuits.
B. Food.
C. Games.
D. Drinks.
3. Who is invited to the picnic?
A. Workers and their families.
B. Client's families.
C. Employees from the high school.
D. The community members.
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