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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following announcement.

Attention! We are now beginning a fire drill. Would all staff designated as fire wardens please make your way to your positions immediately. And all employees should now make their way out of the building. Do not run. Do not use the elevators. If you are in the center of the building, you may use the escalators. If you are close to the entrance doors, use the emergency stairs. Please follow the instructions from the fire wardens, who will be wearing orange vests. Thank you for your attention. You may re-enter the building when the all-clear signal is given.

1. What does the speaker advise those who are in the middle of the building to do?
A. Run out of the building.
B. Take the escalators.
C. Take the elevators.
D. Use the emergency stairs.
2. What does the speaker ask the workers to do?
A. Talk to the fire wardens.
B. Put on the orange vests.
C. Pay for their purchases.
D. Calmly exit the building.
3. What is being announced?
A. The upcoming company holidays.
B. An emergency evacuation drill.
C. The sale of the day.
D. The closing of the store.
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