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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following announcement.

As you know, we discussed the problems with our business trips in our last meeting. Therefore, the first item on this meeting′s agenda is the company′s new travel policy. Regarding business trips, we have made a couple of major policy changes. The first concerns currency exchange. When you go on a trip internationally, traveler′s checks will no longer be issued. We have discovered that the exchange rates are at automatic banking machines. Therefore, you′ll be provided with new company bank cards at the end of the week. The second and most major change regards accommodations. Effective immediately, you may stay only at hotels approved by the company in each city. I′ve provided a list of these hotels in the blue folder you picked up on the way in today.

1. What will the employees receive?
A. Traveler's checks
B. New banking cards.
C. Company identification cards
D. Hotel discount coupons
2. What is in the list the employees got?
A. Hotel names
B. Travel agencies
C. Currency exchange rates
D. New policies
3. What is being announced?
A. The hiring of new staff
B. A bank merger
C. A new travel policy
D. A hotel takeover
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