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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

(W) Attention, please. The management would like to notify you that all Lucky Diamond employees are required to attend a brief meeting this Thursday morning at a quarter past 9:00 in the Central Administration building, room 3C. The meeting is expected to last around half an hour. New regulations about parking, working hours, overtime rates, and vacation will be discussed. We apologize for giving you so little advance notice; however, attendance is required of all employees. Please be there on time. I repeat, there will be a meeting for all employees at a quarter past nine this Thursday, February 28th. Those employees unable to attend must inform their section chief before Wednesday. Thank you for your attention.

1. What is this announcement about?
A. Vacation
B. Parking
C. A meeting
D. Working overtime
2. Where will the employees meet?
A. In the meeting hall
B. In the cafeteria
C. In the coffee shop
D. In the Central Administration building
3. What time will the meeting finish?
A. At 9:30
B. At 9:00
C. At 9:45
D. At 9:15
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