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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Hello, I′m Bob Frist from the city fire department. I′ve been asked to review the emergency evacuation procedures for all hospitals in the area. If there is a fire in your building, this information could save your life and the lives of those under your care. In the event of a fire, the first thing you need to do is turn on the fire alarm by pulling down on this white bar. This will alert the fire department. Along with the alarm bell that you′ll hear, you will also see flashing strobe lights that are activated in every unit when the alarm is turned on. If you see these lights or hear the alarm bell, it is essential to close all doors and windows to keep smoke and fire from spreading. Evacuate the patients who can′t walk first, then help the others out of the building. The fire department will have ambulances sent to your building so you can transfer any sick or injured people to another medical facility immediately. Now I want to outline each of your specific fire response duties.

1. What will happen if the alarm is turned on?
A. The windows and doors will automatically close.
B. Lights will flash throughout the building.
C. A white bar will be activated.
D. The emergency power system will turn on.
2. Who is this talk probably being given to?
A. Fire fighters
B. Hospital staff
C. Patients in a nursing home
D. Teachers
3. What will Bob Frist probably do next?
A. Allow time for a question and answer session
B. Discuss what each person should do in case of a fire
C. Ask the listeners to prepare for a fire drill
D. Visit another medical facility
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