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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Question below refer to the following introduction.
We would like to thank you all for joining in the grand opening of the Fallsview Ballroom & Theater. Tonight′s opening performer demonstrates the kind of classical talent that we will be showcasing over the next few months in our six-part series. We believe that these performances, and the overall charm of the Fallsview Ballroom & Auditorium, will add to the cultural charm of the area. And now let us begin tonight′s performances. We do ask that you switch off any cell phones and pagers at this time. There will be a ten-minute intermission between each act at which time refreshments will be served in the main entrance.
Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the evening.

1. How many performances are scheduled over the next few months?
A. Five
B. Eight
C. Ten
D. Six
2. What can audience members do during the break?
A. Have a drink
B. Use their cell phones
C. Meet the performers
D. Take photos
3. What is the purpose of this speech?
A. To celebrate an opening ceremony
B. To cancel future performances
C. To invite guests to dinner
D. To introduce the presenters
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