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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following talk.

Could everybody please stop working for a minute and listen carefully? As you know, there are only four days until Christmas. Our company has been approached by the St. Vincent de Paul Society with an urgent request. St. Vincent′s Christmas Appeal aims to provide blankets and a hot meals to all of the city′s homeless on Christmas Day. However, this year they have not received a sufficient number of blankets. Could all of you please check your cupboards to see if you have any warm blankets to spare? Please only bring clean blankets in good condition. Collectors from St. Vincent′s will be calling tomorrow and Friday, so I hope you all can help out.

1. According to the speaker, who is in need of their help?
A. Unemployed members of society.
B. Local orphanages.
C. People without homes.
D. Runaway teenagers.
2. What is the speaker asking the listeners to do?
A. Give unused blankets.
B. Donate some money.
C. Volunteer time at a charity function.
D. Prepare a Christmas present.
3. When will they be contacted by the charitable organization?
A. Early next week.
B. On Christmas Day.
C. Toward the end of this week.
D. Before the end of today.
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