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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following announcement.

Welcome to the Peterborough Community Center, I′m James Owens, director of the center. It′s great to see so many people here tonight to sign up for our wonderful community education workshops. We have four different registration tables set up, one for each of the classes being offered this season. Okay, for those of you who want to take "Auto Repair" with Ms. West, please go to table number 1. At table number 2, you can sign up for "Beginner′s French" with Mr. Robaine. Table 3 is for anyone who wants to take "An Introduction to Fishing," also taught by Mr. Robaine. And if you′re interested in learning more about our local history, head to table number 4 and sign up for "Tales of Peterborough" with Ms. DeWitt. Remember, classes must have at least 5 registered students in order to be held. Okay, let′s get this process started.

1. What is the speaker discussing?
A. Why a workshop has been canceled
B. How to register for educational courses
C. How to travel to the community center
D. Where dinner will be served
2. Who will teach two classes?
A. Mr. Owens
B. Mr. Robaine
C. Ms. DeWitt
D. Ms. West
3. Where can listeners sign up for the workshop on car maintenance?
A. Table 4
B. Table 2
C. Table 1
D. Table 3
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