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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following talk.
It is my pleasure to welcome all of our colleagues here today to our San Francisco headquarters. Many of you have traveled here this afternoon from our international branch offices in Paris, Toronto, and Stockholm. As you have been informed, our purpose in meeting here today is to discuss how to improve the company distribution channels. There have been unacceptable delays in production over the past year as a result of a poorly organized system of distribution and we are going to do our best to change that here today. If you have something to add during my presentation, don′t hesitate to talk about your ideas with all of us here.

1. What is the aim of the meeting?
A. To discuss how to hire new international employees
B. To address the problem of distribution channels
C. To investigate the cause of last year's improved sales
D. To determine where to build the new factory
2. What are the listeners asked to do?
A. Meet with fellow employees
B. Talk about new production methods
C. Discuss joining the branches
D. Provide some suggestions
3. Where is the head office located?
A. Paris
B. Stockholm
C. Toronto
D. San Francisco
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