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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Good morning. Thank you for coming to this demonstration of our new customer relationship management software. We believe that our software can help all of you here at Vegas Beverages Inc. to streamline your business processes, and, eventually, to understand your customers better. Our software engineers developed this software in consultation with marketing staff at companies around the world, including your own. In this way, we discovered exactly what you need from the software, and have implemented those features. Also, in order to thank your company for helping us, we will offer you a discount on this software of 25%. Please note that the slides from today′s demonstration, and details of features that I don′t have time to talk about today, will be on our website for you to check out at your leisure.

1. How can the listeners get further information?
A. By calling a developer
B. By talking to a customer
C. By contacting the speaker
D. By going to an Internet site
2. What does the speaker offer the listeners?
A. Engineering help
B. A free gift
C. Consulting reports
D. A reduced price
3. In what kind of company is the talk most likely taking place?
A. A software developer
B. A financial advisory service
C. A beverage producer
D. An electronics manufacturer
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