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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following talk.

Greetings, everybody. I′m Tony Kaminsky, and I represent Activate Tools, a family company based in Toronto. Our company produces and sells high-end electric and electronic tools so that buyers like you can retail them in your quality stores. We sell only hand-made products that are not only well crafted and a pleasure to use but are also functional. And should they ever need to be repaired, they come with a lifetime guarantee. Everywhere they have been sold, they′re appreciated by discerning customers, and so we are seeking to expand into new markets in new countries. And we′re expanding our range too to include a Custom Order Department. Customers will be able to order a set of engraving tools customized to their requirements - colors and grip styles can be specified, and so on. Once I′ve shown you a sample of our range, I′m sure you will be more than happy to include our products, in your own catalogs. And please note that if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our products, please return them - they are fully refundable!

1. Which of the following is NOT included in the company′s plan?
A. The plan to build tailor-made items to suit each customer's needs.
B. The plan to break into the international market.
C. The plan to mass produce better-selling products.
D. The plan to add another department.
2. Who is the intended audience of this talk?
A. Mechanics.
B. Retail storeowners.
C. Electricians.
D. Family restaurant staff.
3. What is implied about the products Activate Tools sells?
A. They are made to target the upper-class market.
B. A lot of care has been put into their making.
C. They are only sold in specific stores.
D. They are tailor-made only by order.
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