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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

(W) Thank you for all gathering here today to help raise funds for the 25th Friends of Greenford Charity Auction. As many of you already know, we ask local businesses to donate items for auction. This year, as always, the businesses of Greenford have come up with some wonderful items. Of particular note are an original crystal dish donated by Greenford Crystal, and a beautiful wool rug woven especially for the auction by local artist Penelope Simons. Remember that all money raised today will go back into our local community for leisure projects for the young people of Greenford. I am also pleased to announce that Greenford Motors has set up a scholarship for one talented Greenford youngster each year who plans to study engineering at Greenford University.

1. Who will be eligible for a scholarship?
A. One Greenford youth who wants to study engineering
B. All citizens of Greenford
C. Any high school graduate
D. All Greenford youths who want to study engineering
2. What is the purpose of this auction?
A. To raise money for a new school
B. To fund projects for young people in the local community
C. To raise money for local businesses
D. To raise money for environmental projects
3. Who has provided items for the auction?
A. Local schools
B. Local businesses
C. The speaker
D. The young people of Greenford
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