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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

(M) I have been working as a consultant for over twenty years, providing assistance to companies who find themselves doing business in countries where they have no knowledge or understanding of the language or culture. As more and more countries open to overseas investors, this has become a growing need. Despite political tension in Asia and the Middle East, I am receiving an overwhelming number of requests for briefings on the cultural and business etiquette in the various countries in these regions. For this reason, I c looking to expand my team of experts. Of course, while I do not want to have to turn away potent clients, it is of the utmost importance that all our consultants, whether they are based in the Unit States, or are based in-country with the client, must be completely fluent in the language of the country they choose to represent. They must also be at to deal with the difficult challenges of liaising between the client and their intended business interest. Travel is a common feature of this job often at the last minute, and more often than now the reality does not match the glamorous image of an airline advertisement. If you feel you are up to the job, application packages are available at the back of the room.

1. What is the purpose of this talk?
A. To promote overseas investment
B. To find new clients hoping to invest overseas
C. To recruit consultants with a knowledge of a foreign language
D. To talk about the benefits of knowing a second language
2. What does the man′s company do?
A. Arrange tours in the Middle East and Asia
B. Develop special tours for business travelers
C. Produce books on business etiquette.
D. Liaise between American companies and overseas companies
3. What kind of person do you probably need to be to work for this company?
A. Changeable and aggressive
B. Adventurous and outgoing
C. Reserved and flexible
D. Diplomatic and flexible
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