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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Good afternoon, everyone, I am here to summarize the third quarter performance of our EL series computers. I′ll start with the EL501, our top-of-the-line executive laptop. We were pleasantly surprised with the sales of the 501 model. Its impressive performance has resulted in a 17% increase over our sales last quarter. Now, our low-priced EL301: this computer was exceptionally popular, allowing us to boost our sales by nearly 30%. This economy desktop model was especially well received by new college and high school students. Unfortunately the last model in this range, the EL401, didn′t do so well. This standard desktop computer, targeting the small business market, showed a reduction in overall sales of roughly 9%.

1. What is the main purpose of the announcement?
A. To summarize sales volumes
B. To suggest areas for research
C. To advertise a product
D. To outline a business plan
2. What is suggested about the EL401 standard desktop computer?
A. It has risen in price.
B. It is exceptionally reliable.
C. It has become less popular.
D. It is popular with college students.
3. Where is the announcement taking place?
A. In a college classroom
B. In a department store
C. At a computer conference
D. At a company board meeting
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