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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following speech.

As you all know, we are here today to say farewell to our much loved company president, Philip Brown. Now that we have finished our superb lunch, we can take a few minutes to reflect on his achievements. In 1965, after 4 years of heroic service in the U.S. Marines, Philip Brown returned to his home with nothing except a great determination to succeed. Working nights to pay for his education and support his wife and young son, he successfully completed an engineering degree. Starting with our company in 1969, he soon showed brilliance not only as an engineer but also as a leader. Always keen to produce the highest possible standard of work, he rose rapidly to become a key member of our senior management. We will miss him both as a personal friend to many of us, and as our most successful president.

1. What is the purpose of the speech?
A. To say goodbye to the leader of the company.
B. To congratulate a co-worker on his success.
C. To welcome the new president of the company.
D. To give a toast to the graduating students.
2. What does the speaker say about Mr. Brown?
A. He is the most successful leader to date.
B. He is going to join the army soon.
C. He will be a great president.
D. He goes to school at nights.
3. When did Mr. Brown start working for the company?
A. In 1965.
B. After graduating from college.
C. Four years ago.
D. Right after he finished serving in the Marines.
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