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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following talk.
Good morning. I would like to thank everyone for coming today in spite of your tremendously busy schedules. As you have been informed throughout the year, the company has wanted to start sending weekly newsletters to our clients for a while now. We have decided on the layout and how we are going to divide up the newsletter, but we have not yet decided on who will be responsible for handling this task. Anyway, I′d like to say that after interviewing many candidates, we have finally found the person we′ve been looking for. Her name is Linda Dankus. Linda has been the editor for an independent news agency for the last ten years. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience. She will officially join us next Monday as the new chief editor of our company.

1. How often will the newsletter be published?
A. Once a week
B. Once a month
C. Every day
D. Once every two weeks
2. When will Linda join the company?
A. Next month
B. Next year
C. Today
D. Next week
3. What is the purpose of the talk?
A. To promote a co-worker
B. To show employees the first company newsletter
C. To notify the staff about a new worker
D. To announce the day's schedule
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