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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

(M) Thank you everyone for coming to this last-minute meeting. I′m sorry to have to drag you away from your work, but something has come up, and I need to let you know about it without delay. As you know, last week the health and safety inspectors came to give the factory its annual inspection. This is a routine matter, and we have always passed with flying colors, so no one was worried. However, it turns out that the safety mechanisms on three of our cutting machines are faulty. Obviously, this is of great concern and we have no choice but to stop production until these mechanisms have been repaired and have passed a second inspection. We will be closing the factory for at least seven days, but you will all receive full pay. The closure will take effect immediately.

1. What was discovered in the factory?
A. An infestation of rats
B. Defective safety mechanisms
C. Three cutting machines
D. A new production method
2. Who visited the factory last week?
A. The CEO
B. A delegation from the head office
C. Tax officials
D. Health and safety inspectors
3. What will happen to the workers?
A. They will be laid off.
B. They will be off work with full pay for about a week.
C. They will go on strike.
D. They will be off work with no pay for about a week.
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