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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following introduction.
I want to say thanks to all of you for coming out to celebrate the first anniversary of the LGC Home Shopping website. This party is the perfect way to conclude an incredibly hectic but wildly successful first year. Special thanks to Daniel Hessy, our amazing web designer. And thanks to every one of you here tonight. You have been with me right from the start, from research to production to sales. I couldn′t have done it without you. We are sincerely thankful to all of you. There is a buffet ready, so please enjoy the party today. We promise to create a better website our second year.

1. How long has the company been in business?
A. One year.
B. Three years.
C. Four years.
D. Two years.
2. What is mentioned about LGC?
A. It manufactures computers.
B. It sells via the internet.
C. It is an advertising company.
D. It provides consulting services.
3. Who is Daniel Hessy?
A. A web designer.
B. A research assistant.
C. A sales representative.
D. A systems analyst.
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