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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following announcement.

Attention employees. Our maintenance staff will be beginning repair work on the heating system in the North Building tomorrow morning.
Unfortunately, this means that the heat will be turned off for the entire day. Because of the extreme winter weather conditions that our region is currently experiencing, we feel it is unwise for workers to be in the North Building during these repairs. Therefore, the management has decided that all nonessential staff in that area will have the option of taking a paid day off. If your work schedule allows it, and your supervisor approves it, you are hereby authorized to stay home from work tomorrow. Please visit the Personnel Department and pick up an approval form. The repairs are only scheduled to last one day, so everyone should report to work as usual the day after tomorrow. Thank you.

1. For which employees is this announcement intended?
A. Those in the North Building
B. Those in the Maintenance Department
C. Those in the Management Office
D. Those in the Personnel Department
2. Why will some workers stay home tomorrow?
A. An essential system is being repaired.
B. Roads are closed due to bad weather.
C. Operations are proceeding ahead of schedule.
D. Their contract gives them the day off.
3. What should workers do before taking the day off?
A. Submit their revised work schedules
B. Fix the building's heating system
C. Ask for a supervisor's permission
D. Finish all incomplete projects
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