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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

We are looking for experienced professionals to join our expanding Computer Systems Consulting Department in the areas of accounting, organizational and managerial systems, development, automation, and implementation. Professional accountants are especially needed at this time. If you have three to five years of accounting experience with a working knowledge of common accounting, word processing, and database software programs, please contact us. Professionals with two or more years of managerial experience in a corporate setting are also encouraged to apply for available positions. Compensation is commensurate with experience. All interested persons should send a resume and three letters of reference before June 1st to Ms. Virginia Lopez, Department of Human Resources, Compsys Incorporated, 1300 Cutter Boulevard, Mount Holly. We will contact selected applicants for interviews before the end of June.

1. What level of computer proficiency is required?
A. Advanced.
B. None.
C. Basic.
D. Intermediate.
2. What does the company do?
A. Sells computers.
B. Designs personal computers.
C. Develops managers.
D. Consults on computer systems.
3. What is the salary based on?
A. Health.
B. Education.
C. Age.
D. Experience.
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