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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.      accept v., to receive; to respond favorably

a.     The receptionist accepted the package from the courier.

b.     Without hesitating, she accepted the job of teller.


2.      balance n., the remainder; v. to compute the difference between credits and debits of an account

a.      His healthy bank balance showed a long habit of savings.

b.      It took him over an hour to balance his checkbook.


3.      borrow v., to use temporarily

a.      Do you want to borrow a pen?

b.      The couple borrowed money from the bank to buy a home.


4.      cautiously adv., carefully, warily

a.     The bank manager spoke cautiously when giving out information to people she did not know.

b.     Act cautiously when signing contracts and read them thoroughly first.


5.      deduct v., to take away from a total; to subtract

a.      Before computing his taxes, Christophe remembered to deduct allowable home improvement expenses.

b.      By deducting the monthly fee from her checking account, Yi was able to make her account balance.


6.      dividend n., a share in a distribution

a.     The stockholders were outraged when their quarterly dividends were so small.

b.     The dividend was calculated and distributed to the group.


7.      down payment n., an initial partial payment

a.      By making a large down payment, the couple saved a great deal in mortgage interest.

b.      Karl was disappointed when the real estate agent told him he needed a larger down payment on the house.


8.      mortgage n., the amount due on a property; v., to borrow money with your house as collateral

a.      Due to low interest rates, Sheila moved quickly to find a good deal on a mortgage.

b.      Hiram mortgaged his home to get extra money to invest in his business.


9.      restricted adj., limited

a.     The number of free withdrawals a customer can make from his or her account each month is restricted to five.

b.     Access to the safe deposit box vault is restricted to key holders.


10.     signature n., the name of a person written by the person

a.     Once we have your signature, the contract will be complete.

b.     The customer's signature was kept on file for identification purposes.


11.     take out v., withdraw; remove

a.      My checking account allows me to take out money at any bank branch without a fee.

b.      They took out the chairs in the bank lobby so now there is no place to sit.


12.     transaction n., a business deal

a.      Banking transactions will appear on your monthly statement.

b.      The most common transactions can be made from your personal computer.


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