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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  assignment n., something, such as a task, that is assigned

        a.  This assignment has to be turned in before midnight.

        b.  When the reporter is on assignment, research piles up on her desk.


2.  choose v., to select one thing over another

        a.  Alan chooses to read The New York Times over the Wall Street Journal.

        b.  I did not choose that candidate to be the editor of our student newspaper.


3.  constantly adv., continually

        a.  An advantage of Internet news reports is that they can be constantly updated.

        b.  People constantly look to the news to keep up-to-date on what is going on in the world.


4.  constitute v., to be the elements or parts of

        a.  All the different news sources constitute the media industry.

        b.  A talented staff, adequate printing facilities, and sufficient distribution points constitute a successful newspaper.


5.  decision n., judgment or choice

        a.  The court made the decision to allow the newspaper to print the controversial story.

        b.  Newspaper editors often have to make quick decisions about which stories to publish.


6.  disseminate v., to scatter widely; to distribute

        a.  The media disseminates news across the world.

        b.  The computer virus was disseminated through the newsroom by reporters sharing terminals.


7.  impact n., a strong, immediate impression

        a.  The story of the presidential scandal had a huge impact on the public.

        b.  The impact of the news coverage is yet to be known.


8.  in-depth adj., in complete detail; thorough

        a.  The newspaper gave in-depth coverage of the tragic bombing.

        b.  Ivan's in-depth story on the spread of the disease received praise from many of his colleagues.


9.  investigate v., to uncover and report hidden information

        a.  Reporters need to thoroughly investigate the facts before publishing their stories.

        b.  Michelle's editor sent her to the capital to investigate the story behind the government scandal.


10. link n. an association; a relationship

        a.  The computer links will take you to today's headlines.

        b.  The father-daughter team of reporters is just one example of many family links at this newspaper.


11. subscribe v., to receive a periodical regularly on order

         a. Jill subscribes to a gardening magazine.

         b. It is convenient to subscribe to the newspaper because it is delivered to your house daily.


12. thorough adj., exhaustively complete

         a. The reporters were thorough in their coverage of the event.

         b. The story was the result of thorough research.

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