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1.      charge v., to demand payment; n., an expense or a cost

a.     The customer service representative was responsible for telling all existing customers that higher prices would be charged next month.

b.     The extra charge for gift wrapping your purchase will appear on your invoice.


2.      compile v., to gather together from several sources

a.     I have compiled a list of the most popular items in our sales catalog

b.     The clerk is responsible for compiling the orders at the end of the day.


3.      customer n., one who purchases a commodity or service

a.      Let's make sure all invoices sent to customers are kept in alphabetical order.

b.      As part of our customer satisfaction plan, let's offer a discount to cus­tomers who pay their invoices within a week.


4.      discount n., a reduction in price; v., to reduce in price

a.     We are offering a 10 percent discount to all new customers.

b.     They discounted the price on the merchandise damaged in shipment.


5.      efficient adj., acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste or unnecessary effort

a.     The accountant was so efficient in processing the customer receipts that she had the job done before lunch.

b.     Electronic invoicing has helped us to be efficient.


6.      estimate v., to approximate the amount or value of something; to form an opinion about something; n., an approximation

a.      We estimated our losses this year at about five thousand dollars.

b.      In the owner's estimation, the high level of customer satisfaction was an adequate measure of how well the company was doing.


7.      impose v., to establish or apply as compulsory; to force upon others

a.      The company will impose a surcharge for any items returned.

b.      We should not impose upon our staff by requiring them to work on weekends.


8.      mistake n., an error or a fault

a.     I made a mistake in adding up your bill and we overcharged you twenty dollars.

b.     It was a mistake thinking that my boss would be reasonable when I explained my situation to him.


9.      order n., a request made to purchase something; v., to command or direct

a.     The customer placed an order for ten new chairs.

b.     We were ordered to take inventory immediately, so we could account for the missing items.


10   promptly adv., on time, punctually

a.      We always reply promptly to customers' letters.

b.      The new sales agent promptly offered a full refund for the damaged goods.


11.      rectify v., to set right or correct

a.      He rectified the problem by giving the customer credit for the unused items that she returned.

b.      Embarrassed at his behavior, he rectified the situation by writing a letter of apology.


12.      terms n., conditions

a.     The terms of payment were clearly listed at the bottom of the invoice.

b.     The terms of the agreement required that items be fully paid for before they would be shipped.


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