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Vocabulary --> Word review #4 Lesson 16-20 Purchasing

I. Choose the word that best completes the sentence:

1. The client would appreciate it if the invoice could be sent ............... so he can pay it before the end of the fiscal year.
A. promptness
B. prompted
C. prompt
D. promptly

2. After we have ............... all of the necessary documents, we will begin our analysis of the data.
A. compilation
B. compiling
C. compiled
D. compile

3. We need to have a spare copier since the only one that is ............... is on its last leg.
A. function
B. functioned
C. functional
D. functions

4. Keeping customer complaints to a ............... is the job of everyone who works in the store.
A. minimal
B. minimum
C. minimize
D. minimally

5. We ............... adhere to the store′s policy of only specially ordering products that have been paid for in advance.
A. strict
B. strictly
C. strictness
D. strictest

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

Packing Guidelines
In order to (1)............... breakage of merchandise and loss of shipments and to ensure accurate fulfillment of orders, please observe the following guidelines when preparing packages for shipment:
1) Check the order form carefully to make sure the item number matches the item number and description in the catalog.
2) Make sure that the address label has been (2)............... filled out, and particularly that names have been spelled correctly.
3) Each box must be (3)............... filled with packing material to protect the contents from damage.
4) Packages must be ready to be picked up by the carrier before 3:30 p.m. daily.
Following these guidelines is of the utmost importance. Lost and damaged shipments cost the company valuable time and money.

A. minimal
B. minimally
C. minimize
D. minimum

A. accessibly
B. accurately
C. acutely
D. actively

A. suffice
B. sufficient
C. sufficiently
D. suffuse
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