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Vocabulary --> Word review #4 Lesson 16-20 Purchasing

I. Choose the word that best completes the sentence:

1. The computer′s inventory figures will be considered inaccurate until the store manager enters the data from the physical count and ............... the figures.
A. adjusts
B. adjustment
C. adjustable
D. adjusted

2. In order to scan the bar code, you need to sweep the bar code directly in front of the ................
A. scan
B. scanner
C. scanning
D. scanned

3. Sometimes office policy doesn′t allow the company to ............... less expensive supplies when they are available from someone other than a preferred provider.
A. obtained
B. obtaining
C. obtain
D. obtainable

4. Though he worked very ............... with machines and figures, he was slow and awkward with customers and coworkers.
A. efficacy
B. efficiently
C. efficient
D. efficiency

5. Based on their credit check, it seems likely that they have ............... funds to cover this order.
A. sufficient
B. sufficiently
C. sufficed
D. suffice

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

To: Betsy Barnes
From: Lighting Limited Customer Service
Subject: Your order

Dear Betsy Barnes,
We have received your message about your recent order of a desk lamp with a glass shade. You state that the (1)............... arrived in damaged condition. We will be happy to replace the damaged merchandise at no extra (2)............... to you. You will not have to pay anything. Simply place the damaged item back in the box and affix the "postage paid" sticker to the outside. As soon as we receive it, a replacement lamp will be (3)............... sent to you. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Manuel Gozanlez
Lighting Limited Customer Service Associate

A. shipping
B. ship
C. shipment
D. shippable

A. change
B. chase
C. chance
D. charge

A. prompter
B. promptly
C. prompt
D. promptness
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