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Vocabulary --> Word review #4 Lesson 16-20 Purchasing

I. Choose the word that best completes the sentence:

1. Based on their credit check, it seems likely that they have ............... funds to cover this order.
A. sufficient
B. sufficiently
C. suffice
D. sufficed

2. Due to the store′s success, the owners began to plan an ............... into a larger location.
A. expansion
B. expanse
C. expand
D. expanded

3. We ............... adhere to the store′s policy of only specially ordering products that have been paid for in advance.
A. strict
B. strictly
C. strictness
D. strictest

4. After we have ............... all of the necessary documents, we will begin our analysis of the data.
A. compiling
B. compiled
C. compile
D. compilation

5. A supplier who has chronic trouble ............... his obligations to a customer will quickly lose customers.
A. fulfillment
B. fulfill
C. fulfills
D. fulfilling

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

To: All office staff
From: Luis Mendez, Office Manager
Re: Ordering office supplies

There has been a lot of confusion recently regarding the ordering of office supplies. In order to maintain a consistent stock of (1)............... supplies, from now on all supply orders must go through me. There are forms in my office that you may use to order the supplies that you need. I can (2)............... supplies for you within three days of receiving your order form if it is filled out properly. By following this procedure, the office will function more (3)................ and we can be sure that we will always have quality supplies on hand when we need them. We will also avoid the problem of ordering supplies that we already have. Thank you for your cooperation.

A. essentials
B. essence
C. essential
D. essentially

A. to obtain
B. obtains
C. obtaining
D. obtain

A. smoothness
B. smoother
C. smoothly
D. smooth
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