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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  available adj., ready for use; willing to serve

         a. In order to understand all the words to the opera, Sue Lin kept an Italian dictionary available at all times.

         b. I checked the list of available compact discs before ordering.


2.  broaden v., to make wider

         a. Dominique wants to broaden her knowledge of opera history.

         b. You will appreciate music more if you broaden your tastes and listen to several types of music.


3.  category n., a division in a system of classification; a general class of ideas

         a.  Jazz is one of many categories of music.

         b.  The works of Mozart are in a category by themselves.


4.  disparate adj., fundamentally distinct or different

         a.  In the song, the disparate voices hauntingly join a blended chorus.

         b.  Religious songs cut across disparate categories of music.


5.  divide v., to separate into parts

         a.  The music class was evenly divided between those who liked country and western music and those who do not.

         b.  The broad topic of music can be divided into manageable parts, such as themes, styles, or centuries.


6.  favor v., to be partial to

         a.  Sam enjoys the works of several composers but he tends to favor Mozart.

         b.  I'd favor an evening at a jazz concert over an evening at the opera any time.


7.  instinct n., an inborn pattern that is a powerful motivation

         a.  The student's ability to play the cello was so natural, it seemed an instinct.

         b.  The music lover followed his instincts and collected only music that he enjoyed.


8.  prefer v., to like someone or something more than another or others

         a.  He preferred contemporary music to any other type.

         b.  Ms. Lanet prefers to get a seat near the aisle when she attends a concert.


9.  reason n., the basis or motive for an action; an underlying fact or cause

         a.  We'll never understand the reason why some music is popular and some is not.

         b.  There is every reason to believe that Beethoven will still be popular in the next century.


10. relaxation n., the act of relaxing or the state of being relaxed; refreshment of body or mind

          a.  Listening to soothing music before bedtime provides good relaxation.

          b.  He played the piano for relaxation and pleasure.


11. taste n., the ability to discern what is excellent or appropriate

          a.  Ella had the taste required to select a musical program for the visiting dignitaries.

          b.  This music does not appeal to my tastes; but I'm old-fashioned.


12. urge v., to advocate earnestly

          a.   His mother urged him to study the piano; the rest is musical history.

          b.   Despite my reluctance, my friends urged me to attend an opera.

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