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Vocabulary --> Word review #2 Lesson 6-10 Office Issues

I. Choose the word that best completes the sentence:

1. The staff expressed their ............... for the leadership of their boss.
A. appreciation
B. appreciated
C. appreciate
D. appreciating

2. After reviewing the schedule, I realized we had not ............... enough time for the software training.
A. allocate
B. allocate
C. allocation
D. allocating

3. The newspaper article on the development of new fiber-optic cables was so full of ............... language that nobody could understand it.
A. technique
B. technically
C. technical
D. technicality

4. When a problem ............... frequently, it is time to reexamine the process.
A. recur
B. recurs
C. recurring
D. recurrence

5. The computer will ............... you to save your work before quitting.
A. warns
B. warned
C. warning
D. warn

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

Computer technology has brought about a (1)............... in the workplace. Now employees all around the country do all or part of their jobs from home. This phenomenon is called telecommuting and has been made possible by the widespread use of the Internet. Telecommuting has become (2)............... among employees, although the reactions of employers are mixed. Some like telecommuting and some don't. But most agree that it facilitates work for employees who live at a distance from the worksite. Telecommuting enables companies to keep skilled employees who move out of the area or who have family obligations that require them to stay close to home. (3)............... the regular nine-to-five office job? Probably not entirely, but we are sure to see more and more of it in the future.

A. revolution
B. revolutionary
C. revolutionize
D. revolted

A. replaceable
B. technical
C. popular
D. sharp

A. Will it replace
B. It will replace
C. Will it be replaced by
D. It replaces
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