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Vocabulary --> Word review #2 Lesson 6-10 Office Issues

I. Choose the word that best completes the sentence:

1. It looks like this disk was ............... to intense heat, because it′s warped and pocked.
A. exposed
B. expose
C. exposure
D. exposing

2. The hard disk can ............... up to 25 gigabytes of data.
A. storage
B. store
C. storing
D. stores

3. When a problem ............... frequently, it is time to reexamine the process.
A. recurs
B. recurrence
C. recur
D. recurring

4. The computer staff is responsible for making sure all system files are ................
A. duplicated
B. duplication
C. duplicator
D. duplicate

5. Who is ............... hiring?
A. in charge on
B. in charge for
C. in charge of
D. in charge by

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

To: Production Staff
From: George Jones
Re: Document Preparation

In order to avoid extra work and waste of supplies, please observe the following guidelines when preparing documents for reproduction and distribution. The goal is to keep things simple and avoid (1)................
• When you work on the final revision of a document, pay special attention to the layout. The presentation of material is as important as the content itself.
• Don't rush to the copier as soon as the final revision is complete. (2)............... each document carefully beforehand.
• We have technology to help with the assembly of documents. The large copier on the second floor can (3)............... paper in addition to stapling. This will help you complete tasks efficiently.
• If a document needs to be delivered the same day it is finished, please use a courier service.

A. complicate
B. complicates
C. complicated
D. Complication

A. Proofs
B. Proofing
C. Proof
D. To proof

A. folded
B. folds
C. fold
D. folder
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