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Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. v. extract
A. to explain; to clarify; to limit; to set boundaries
B. to remove; to take out; to squeeze; to press; to elicit
C. to endanger; to imperil; to put at risk; to place in danger
D. to calm; to soften; to pacify; to relieve
2. conj. whether
A. but; in spite of; despite
B. if
C. since; inasmuch as; while; while on the contrary
D. immediately following; the moment that; as soon as
3. v. blanket
A. to cover; to coat
B. to make an error; to be wrong; to confuse
C. to overstate; to make something seem greater or more important than it really is
D. to raise money for; to provide with funds; to fund; to pay for
4. n. valuable
A. period; era; hour; rate
B. warning; alarm; attitude of readiness
C. supplies; necessary items; tools, instruments or other objects for completing a task
D. something of great worth
5. adj. prize
A. having the receiver pay the charges (for a phone call)
B. humble; unpretentious; unassuming; simple; limited
C. valuable; unique; outstanding; award-winning
D. main; principal; major
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