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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.      apprehensive adj., anxious about the future

a.      Most new home buyers are apprehensive about their decision.

b.      The mortgage lender was apprehensive about the company's ability to pay.


2.      circumstance n., a condition; a situation

a.      Under the current economic circumstances, they will not be able to purchase the property.

b.      If the circumstances change in the near future and we have new properties, we will be sure to call you.


3.      condition n., the state of something; a requirement

a.     Except for some minor repairs, the building is in very good condition.

b.     There are certain conditions that are unique to leasing a property.


4.      due to prep., because of

a.      Due to the low interest rates, good office space is difficult to find.

b.      He didn't believe that the low prices were due only to the neighborhood.


5.      fluctuate v., to go up and down; to change

a.     No one is very comfortable making a large investment while the currency values fluctuate almost daily.

b.     Prime business areas fluctuate with local economies, crime rates, and cost of living indices.


6.      get out of v., to escape; to exit

a.     The agent wasn't sure if the executives could get out of their prior real estate arrangement.

b.     The company wanted to get out of the area before property values declined even further.


7.      indicator n., a sign, a signal

a.     If the economy is an accurate indicator, rental prices will increase rapidly in the next six months.

b.     The results of the elections were seen as an important indicator of the stability in the area.


8.      lease n., a contract to pay to use property for an amount of time; v., to make a contract to use property

a.     With the lease expiring next year, they need to start looking for a new location as soon as possible.

b.     They decided to lease the property rather than buy it.


9.      lock into v., to commit; to be unable to change

a.      The company locked itself into a ten-year lease that they didn't want.

b.      Before you lock yourself into something, check all your options.


10.     occupy v., to dwell or reside in

a.     Tenants are usually allowed to occupy their space beginning on the first day of the month.

b.     Our company has occupied this office for more than five years.


11.     option n., a choice, an alternative

a.     You could arrange the lease with an option to buy after a certain amount of time.

b.     With the real estate market so tight right now, you don't have that many options.


12.     subject to adj., under legal power; dependent

a.     This contract is subject to all the laws and regulations of the state.

b.     The go-ahead to buy is subject to the president's approval.

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