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Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:

lock apprehensive indicator due to fluctuations lease get out of options subject to circumstances condition occupancy into


1. Starting a new business is both an exciting and frightening undertaking. Most new business owners are   about their ability to make all the decisions that arise during the course of opening a business. One of the first issues that will arise is whether to buy or   property. In order to evaluate the options, business owners research the current real estate market.   rates are a good   of the overall business climate. Prices per square foot will increase as the occupancy rate increases.
Economic change is part of the business climate. There are often large   in prices within a given city. These fluctuations are   many factors like the   of the building, the surrounding neighborhood, access to public transportation, and business projections for the area.
Because there is so much uncertainty in starting a business, many owners do not want to   themselves   a long-term lease. Many negotiate clauses in their contracts to   a lease under certain  .They want to insure the prices and conditions of a property before making a large commitment.
Leases often provide more flexibility than buying a property. They like to leave their   open. They don′t like to be   the whims of the market place.

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