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Vocabulary --> Word review #1 Lesson 1-5 General Business

I. Choose the word that best completes the sentence:

1. The banquet room could ............... up to 750 for dinner.
A. accommodate
B. accommodating
C. accommodated
D. accommodation

2. We expect that fewer guests will ............... the evening gala.
A. attendance
B. attend
C. attention
D. attending

3. Jacques and Louisa will only ............... purchasing appliances that come with a money-back guarantee.
A. considering
B. considerable
C. consider
D. consideration

4. If our work isn′t to your ..............., please notify us within 60 days.
A. satisfactory
B. satisfaction
C. satisfy
D. satisfied

5. I don′t feel any ............... to give my boss more than two weeks notice when I leave.
A. oblige
B. obligatory
C. obliged
D. obligation

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

To: Stephen Saunders, President
From: Willa Richardson, Marketing Department
Re: Changes in market

In order to address the changes that are currently taking place in the market, I believe we need to modify our busi¬ness plan. I (1)............... data for the past several months. The information clearly shows that younger and younger peo¬ple are becoming interested in purchasing products such as ours. We need to develop a (2)............... to reach this younger age group. We need to redirect some of our resources toward this goal. I think that if we make this a priority over the next year, we will have a much (3)............... position against our competitors. If we don't, we risk losing the market share that we already have. I would like to share the results of my research with you. It demonstrates the need to focus our energy toward this younger age group. Please let me know if we can meet this week to discuss it.

A. gather
B. have been gathering
C. had gathered
D. am gathering

A. strategize
B. strategy
C. strategically
D. strategic

A. strong
B. strongest
C. more strong
D. stronger
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