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Study the following definitions and examples.


1. advanced adj., highly developed; at a higher level

        a.  Since the hotel installed an advanced computer system, all operations have been functioning more smoothly.

        b.  Pablo has been promoted to assistant manager and he is happy with his advanced position.


2. chain n., a group of enterprises under a single control

        a.  Budget-priced hotel chains have made a huge impact in the industry.

        b.   The hotel being built in Seoul is the newest one in the chain.


3. check in v., to register at a hotel; to report one's presence

        a. Patrons check in at the hotel immediately upon their arrival.

        b. To know that the conference guests have arrived, we ask them to check in at the registration desk.


4. confirm v., to validate

        a. Jorge called the hotel to confirm that he had a room reservation.

        b. We automatically send a postcard to let you know that your travel dates have been confirmed.


5. expect v., to consider probable or reasonable

        a. You can expect a clean room when you check in at a hotel.

        b. Mr. Kim expected that the bed linens would be changed daily.


6. housekeeper n., someone employed to do domestic work

        a. Eloise's first job at the hotel was as a housekeeper and now she is the manager.

        b. The desk clerk is sending the housekeeper to bring more towels to your room.


7. notify v., to report

        a. They notified the hotel that they had been delayed in traffic and would be arriving late.

        b. Lydia notified the hotel in writing that she was canceling her reservation.


8. preclude v., to make impossible; to rule out

        a. The horrible rainstorm precluded us from traveling any further.

        b. The unexpected cost of the room precluded a gourmet dinner for the travelers.


9. quote v., to give exact information on; n., a quotation

        a.  We were quoted a price of $89 for the room for one night.

        b.  Call ahead and get a price quote for a week-long stay.


10.  rate n., the payment or price according to a standard

        a.   The rate for the hotel room is too high considering how few services are available on-site.

        b.   The sign in the lobby lists the seasonal rates.


11.  reservation n., an arrangement to set something aside

        a.  I know I made a reservation for tonight, but the hotel staff has no record of it in the system.

        b.   It is difficult, if not impossible, to get reservations at this hotel at the height of the summer season.


12.  service n., useful functions

        a.  The hotel has a number of luxury services like the on-site gym, sauna, pool, and beauty salon.

        b.  Mr. Rockmont called room service to order a late-night snack.


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