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Lesson --> Intermediate --> Part 6: Text Completion

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Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

Questions below refer to the following letter.

May 18, 20_
To whom it may concern:
Jacob Rothman (1)............... for our company for the past five years. As my assistant, his duties include managing my travel and appointment schedule, typing and organizing documents, and answering the phone. He is a reliable and hardworking individual. He always (2)............... his assignments in a timely and accurate manner. Because of. (3)............... friendly manner and cooperative spirit, he is a pleasure to work with. We will miss him when he leaves our office to move to the West coast. I highly recommend him as a fine and promising employee for any company.


Laurel Thornburg

A. works
B. is working
C. worked
D. has worked

A. had completed
B. completes
C. is completing
D. will complete

A. his
B. its
C. my
D. our
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