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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.      appreciation n., recognition, understanding; thanks

a.      In appreciation of your hard work on the Castcon project, the department will hold a casual lunch party on November third.

b.      Your appreciation of my efforts inspired me through the final stages of the construction.


2.      be made of v., to consist of

a.     This job will really test what you are made of.

b.     People say that the negotiator has nerves made of steel.


3.      bring in v., to hire or recruit; to cause to appear

a.     The company president wanted to bring on an efficiency consultant.

b.     The company brought in a new team of project planners.


4.      casually adv., informally

a.      On Fridays, most employees dress casually.

b.      Martin spoke casually, as if he were chatting with friends.


5.      code n., rules of behavior

a.     The new employees observed the unwritten code of conduct in their first week on the job.

b.     Even the most traditional companies are changing their dress code to something less formal.


6.      expose v., to make aware; to give experience

a.     Mergers require that employees be exposed to different business practices.

b.     The new hires' week in each department exposed them to the various functions in the company.


7.      glimpse n., a quick look

a.     The secretary caught a glimpse of her new boss as she was leaving the office.

b.     After one year with the company, he still felt as though he had only a glimpse of the overall operations.


8.      out of adj., no longer having, missing

a.     Orders should be placed before you run out of the supplies.

b.     The presenter ran out of time before he reached his conclusion.


9.      outdated adj., obsolete; not currently in use

a.     The purpose of the seminar is to have employees identify outdated methods and procedures.

b.     Before you do a mailing, make sure that none of the addresses is outdated.


10.      practice n., method of doing something; v., to repeat in order to learn

a.     The manager had started her practice of weekly breakfast meetings more than twenty years ago.

b.     Bill practiced answering the telephone until he was satisfied.


11.      reinforce v., to strengthen, support

a.     The financial officer's unconventional method of analyzing data was reinforced by the business journal article.

b.     Employees reinforced their learning with practice in the workplace.


12.      verbally adv., in spoken form

a.      She verbally reprimanded the new hire in front of his entire team.

b.      The guarantee was made only verbally.

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