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Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used.


[M] I appreciate the fact that you have taken time out of your schedule to come and talk with me.

[W] I want to make sure that you understand the practices of the company.

[M] it seems difficult for other employees to give me a verbal explanation of the practices, although they definitely are familiar with them.


[M] Even though the new attorney is young, she has been exposed to many difficult situations.

[W] Well, then we'll see what she is made of at the contract negotiations next week.

[M] If she hasn't run out of energy, she'll be a definite asset.


[W]      I'd like to reinforce my knowledge of finance by taking a course at the college.

[M]       That's a great idea, but be careful because some of the courses are outdated.

[W]      I had a glimpse of that the other night when I sat in on a course that went over management techniques of the 70s.


[M]       I love our new dress code!

[W]      Yeah, casual Friday is terrific.

[M]       I'm glad they brought in the personnel manager who insisted on it.


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