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Lesson --> Intermediate --> Part 3: Conversation

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Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Man: How did your doctor′s appointment go? Woman: It was fine except I got there a little late. I couldn′t find a place to park the car.
Man: That′s annoying. You got some phone calls while you were out. I left the messages on your door.
Woman: Thank you. Could you make three copies of these notes for me, please? Put them on my desk when you′re done.

1. Who is the woman talking to?
A. Her assistant.
B. Her doctor.
C. A telephone operator.
D. A massage therapist.
2. Where did the man put the messages?
A. On the door.
B. In the apartment.
C. In the desk.
D. On the floor.
3. Why was the woman late for her appointment?
A. She couldn't find the doctor's office.
B. She had a hard time driving in the dark.
C. She couldn't park the car.
D. She had to make a phone call.
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