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Vocabulary --> Word review #5 Lesson 21-25 Financing and Budgeting

I. Choose the word that best completes the sentence:

1. Sometimes it is difficult to understand how the government ............... tax liability.
A. calculators
B. calculations
C. calculates
D. calculating

2. The company′s ............... earnings over the next six months were exciting.
A. projection
B. projected
C. projects
D. project

3. Our business experienced a ............... fall in profits during the third quarter of the year.
A. type
B. typically
C. typed
D. typical

4. The accountant can review all the ............... of the financial statement with you.
A. detailing
B. detailed
C. detail
D. details

5. The projected financial statement demonstrated to Susan that her business had a ............... chance of increasing its profit over the next two quarters.
A. realistically
B. reality
C. realist
D. realistic

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

To: Department Heads
From: Roy Jones, Manager
Re: Planning Meeting

As you know, our quarterly planning meeting will take place in two weeks. I want to let you know some of the topics that will be discussed, to give you a chance to prepare.
First, the overall economic situation in the country looks very good for the coming year. Economists 16 an increase in consumer spending, especially in our sector. Therefore, we should look into increasing production. I believe that a (1)............... percent increase by the end of the year is a realistic target.
Second, since the company plans to increase sales overseas, we will need to hire several (2)................ We will need to discuss how many we need and which languages should have priority.
These are the most important topics for the meeting. If anyone (3)............... to put a special item on the meeting agenda, please let me know by the beginning of next week.

A. forebode
B. foreclose
C. forecast
D. forego

A. translators
B. transports
C. translations
D. translates

A. will desire
B. desire
C. have desired
D. desires
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