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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.     ability n., a skill, a competence

a.     The designer's ability was obvious when she showed the interviewer her portfolio.

b.     The ability to work with others is a key requirement.


2.     apply v., to look for; to submit an application

a.     The college graduate applied for three jobs and received three offers.

b.     Everyone who is interested should apply in person at any branch office.


3.     background n., a person's experience, education, and family history

a.     Your background in the publishing industry is a definite asset for this job.

b.     The employer did a complete background check before offering him the job.


4.     be ready for v., to be prepared

a.     The applicant had done all of her research and felt that she was ready for the interview with the director of the program.

b.     The employer wasn't ready for the applicant's questions.


5.     call in v., to request

a.     The young woman was so excited when she was called in for an interview that she told everyone she knew.

b.     The human resources manager called in all the qualified applicants for a second interview.


6.     confidence n., a belief in one's abilities, self-esteem

a.     Good applicants show confidence during an interview.

b.     He had too much confidence and thought that the job was his.


7.     constantly adj., on a continual basis, happening all the time

a.     The company is constantly looking for highly trained employees.

b.     When my friend was looking for a job, he constantly checked his messages to see if anyone had called for an interview.


8.     expert n., a specialist

a.     The department head is an expert in financing and is known around the world.

b.     The candidate demonstrated at the interview that he was an expert in mar­keting.


9.     follow up v., to take additional steps, to continue; n., the continuation of a pre­vious action

a.     Always follow up an interview with a thank-you note.

b.     As a follow up, the candidate sent the company a list of references and pub­lished works.


10.     hesitate v., to pause; to be reluctant

a.     Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions concerning the job.

b.     We shouldn't hesitate to offer the job to the best-qualified applicant; other­wise she may not be available.


11.     present v., to introduce; to show; to offer for consideration

a.     The human resources director presents each candidate's resume to the department supervisor for review.

b.     The candidate presented her qualifications so well that the employer offered her a job on the spot.


12.     weakness n., a fault; a quality lacking strength

a.     Interviewers often ask applicants about their strengths and weaknesses to get a sense of their characters.

b.     The candidate's only weakness seems to be her lack of experience in fund-raising.


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