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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  admit v., to permit to enter

        a.  The injured patient was admitted to the unit directly from the emergency room.

        b.  The staff refused to admit the patient until he had proof of insurance.


2.  authorize v., to approve

        a.  The doctor suggested that she check with her insurance company to make sure it would authorize a lengthened hospital stay.

        b.  We cannot share the test results with you until we have been authorized to do so by your doctor.


3.  designate v., to indicate or specify

        a.  The labels on the bags designated the type of blood they contained.

        b. On her admittance form, Grandmother designated Aunt Tessa as her chief decision-maker.


4.  escort n., a person accompanying another to guide or protect

         a.  Let's see if there is an escort available to take you to the parking garage.

         b.  You cannot leave the unit on your own; you'll have to wait for an escort.


5.  identify v., to ascertain the name or belongings of

         a. The tiny bracelets identified each baby in the nursery.

         b. Your medical records are all marked with your patient number to identify them in case of a mix-up.


6.  mission n., an inner calling to pursue an activity or perform a service

         a. The hospital chaplain took as his mission to visit every patient admitted each day.

         b. The nurse explained that the mission of everyone in the unit was to make sure the patients got well as soon as possible.


7.  permit v., to allow

         a. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the hospital.

         b. Would you check with the nurse to see if I am permitted to eat before surgery?


8.  pertinent adj., having relevance to the matter at hand

         a. You should mention any pertinent health issues to the staff before you are admitted for surgery.

         b. The patient's health record contained pertinent information, like the dates of all his inoculations.


9.  procedure n., a series of steps taken to accomplish an end

         a. The surgical procedure can now be done in half the amount of time it took even five years ago.

         b. Call the hospital to schedule this procedure for tomorrow.


10.  result n., an outcome

         a. Your lab results won't be ready for hours.

         b. The scientific results prove that the new procedure is not significantly safer than the traditional one.


11.  statement n., an accounting showing an amount due; a bill

         a. The billing statement was filed with the insurance company last month.

         b. Check with your doctor's office for an original statement; we cannot process a faxed copy.


12.  usually adv., customarily

         a. That kind of surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis.

         b. The insurance company does not usually pay for procedures that are considered elective or optional.

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