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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.   adjacent adj., next to

          a. My office is adjacent to the receptionist area on the third floor.

          b. The office manager found it very efficient to have the copier adjacent to the mail room.


2.  collaboration n., the act of working with someone

          a. The manager had never seen such effective collaboration between two groups.

          b. We believe that it was our collaboration that enabled us to achieve such favorable results.


3.  concentrate v., to focus; to think about

          a. In his quiet, corner office, the manager could finally concentrate and finish his work.

          b. We should concentrate our efforts on the last quarter of the year. 


4.  conducive adj., contributing to; leading to

          a. The new office arrangement is much more conducive to work than the dark, depressing space the company had before.

          b. Arranging chairs so that participants can see each other easily is conducive to open communication.


5.  disruption n., interruption; disturbance

          a. If there are no disruptions, the office renovations will be finished this week.

          b. The strike caused a disruption in production at the factory. 


6.  hamper v., to impede or interfere

          a. When the weight of the freezing rain broke the telephone lines, the telemarketers' jobs were seriously hampered.

          b. The lack of supplies hampered our ability to finish on schedule. 


 7.  Inconsiderately adv., rudely; impolitely

          a. The manager inconsiderately scheduled the meeting for late Friday afternoon.

          b. Mr. Peterson inconsiderately disrupted the meeting by asking a lot of irrelevant questions.


8.  lobby n., an anteroom, foyer, or waiting room

          a. The salesperson waited in the busy lobby for the buyer to see him.

          b. The reception area was moved from the lobby of the building to the third floor.


9.  move up v., to advance, improve position

         a. As the employee moved up the corporate ladder, she never forgot where she started.

         b. In order to move up in the company, employees had to demonstrate their loyalty.


10.  open to adj., receptive to; vulnerable

         a. What I valued most in my previous supervisor was that she was always open to ideas and suggestions.

         b. Since the junior executive was still on probation, he was open to much scrutiny and criticism.


11.   opt v., to choose, to decide on

         a. The operations manager opted for the less expensive office design.

         b. If Mary opts to join that department, you will be working together.


12.  scrutiny n., close, careful examination

         a. After a great deal of scrutiny, the manager decided that the employee's work had improved considerably.

         b. Jim left his old job because he found it difficult to work under the close scrutiny of his boss.   
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