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Studythe following definitions and examples.


1.     affordable adj.,able to be paid for; not too expensive

a.     The company's firstpriority was to find an affordable phone system.

b.     Obviously, thecomputer systems that are affordable for a Fortune 500 company will not beaffordable for a small company.


2.     as needed adv.,as necessary

a.     Thecourier service did not come every day, only as needed.

b.     Theservice contract states that repairs will be made on an as-needed basis.


3.     be in charge of v.,to be in control or command of

a.    He appointed someoneto be in charge of maintaining a supply of paper in the fax machine.

b.    Your computer shouldnot be in charge of you, rather you should be in charge of your computer.


4.     capacity n.,the ability to contain or hold; themaximum that something can hold or do

a.    The new conferenceroom is much larger and has a capacity of one hundred people.

b.    The memoryrequirements of this software application exceed the capacity of our computers.


5.     durable adj.,sturdy, strong, lasting

a.     Thisprinter is so durable that, with a little care, it will last another fiveyears.

b.     Thesechairs are more durable than the first ones we looked at.


6.     initiative n.,the first step; an active role

a.    Employees areencouraged to take the initiative and share their ideas with management.

b.    Our technologyinitiative involves an exciting new database system and will help usrevolutionize our customer service.


7.     physically adv.,with the senses; of the body

a.     Thecomputer screen is making her physically sick.

b.    Physically movingyour screen from one place on the desk to another can help reducesame-position-strain syndrome.


8.     provider n.,a supplier

a.    The department wasextremely pleased with the service they received from the phone provider.

b.    As your healthservice provider, we want to make sure you are happy and satisfied with theservice you are receiving.


9.     recur v.,to occur again or repeatedly

a.    The subject ofdecreasing sales recurs in each meeting, sometimes several times.

b.     Themanagers did not want that particular error to recur.


10.     reduction n.,a lessening; a decrease

a.    The outlet storegave a 20 percent reduction in the price of the shelves and bookcases.

b.    The reduction inoffice staff has made it necessary to automate more job functions.


11.     stay on top of v.,to know what is going on; to know thelatest information

a.     In order to stay ontop of her employees' progress, she arranged weekly breakfast meetings.

b.     In this industry,you must stay on top of current developments.


12.     stock v.,to keep on hand; n., a supply

a.     Theemployees stocked the shelves on a weekly basis.

b.     Theoffice's stock of toner for the fax machine was quickly running out.


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