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Study the following definitions and examples.


1   accurately adv., correctly; without errors

a.     To gauge these figures accurately, we first need to get some facts from the shipping department.

b.     The container company must balance the load accurately or there could be a disaster at sea.


2.      carrier n., a person or business that transports passengers or goods

a.      Lou, our favorite carrier, takes extra care of our boxes marked "fragile."

b.      Mr. Lau switched carriers in order to get a price savings on deliveries out of state.


3.      catalog n., a list or itemized display; v., to make an itemized list of

a.     The upcoming fall catalog shows a number of items from Laos that Mr. Lau has never before been able to offer.

b.     Ellen cataloged the complaints according to severity.


4.      fulfill v., to finish completely

a.     The engineers fulfilled a client's request for larger display screens.

b.     Her expectations were so high, we knew they would be hard to fulfill.


5.      integral adj., necessary for completion

a.      Good customer relations is an integral component of any business.

b.      A dependable stream of inventory is integral to reliable shipping of orders.


6.      inventory n., goods in stock; an itemized record of these goods

a.     The store closes one day a year so that the staff can take inventory of the stockroom.

b.     Their inventory has not changed much over the years.


7.      minimize v., to reduce; to give less importance to

a.     The shipping staff minimized customer complaints by working overtime to deliver the packages quickly.

b.     To keep the customers happy and to minimize the effect of the carrier strike, we shipped orders directly to them.


8.      on hand adj., available

a.     We had too much stock on hand, so we had a summer sale.

b.     The new employee will be on hand if we need more help with shipping orders.


9.      remember v., to think of again; to retain in the memory

a.      I remembered the delivery clerk's name as soon as I got off the phone.

b.      I will remember the combination to the safe without writing it down.


10.     ship v., to transport; to send

a.      Eva shipped the package carefully, since she knew the contents were made of glass.

b.      Very few customers think about how their packages will be shipped, and are seldom home when the packages arrive.


11.     sufficiently adv., enough

a.     The boxcar was sufficiently damaged that it could not be loaded on the truck.

b.     We are sufficiently organized to begin transferring the palettes tomorrow.


12.     supply n., stock; v., to make available for use; to provide

a.      By making better use of our supplies, we can avoid ordering until next month.

b.      Gerald supplied the shipping staff with enough labels to last a year.


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