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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Do you want a car, but can′t afford a new one? Is your present car safe on the road? Is it always in need of repair? Do people laugh at you when you drive up? Come in and look at our wide selection of previously owned vehicles. Whether you′re looking for a four-door sedan or minivan for your family, or a sporty convertible for yourself, we have the car that′s right for you.
Buy a used car today and save $1000. That′s 5 percent more savings than our competitors can offer. We have all models of cars to choose from. We also have a number of financing options to choose from, so you don′t need to worry about running out to get a bank loan before you shop for a car. Come to John′s Auto Factory. Located on the corner of Highway 7 and Main. Don′t wait. This offer is good only today and tomorrow.

1. When will the sale end?
A. Today.
B. Tomorrow.
C. In five days.
D. In two weeks.
2. What is being sold?
A. Computers.
B. Ship models.
C. Used cars.
D. Used televisions.
3. How much can a buyer save?
A. Five percent of the total.
B. Over one thousand dollars.
C. One thousand dollars.
D. Ten percent of the total.
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