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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.      adhere to v., to follow; to pay attention to

a.     The chairman never adhered to his own rules.

b.     The best committee members are those who adhere to the time limits and speak only when they have something important to add.


2.      agenda n., a list of topics to be discussed

a.     The board was able to cover fifteen items on the agenda.

b.     The agenda was sent out three weeks ago so that everyone could prepare for the meeting.


3.      bring up v., to introduce a topic

a.     Just as the meeting was about to finish, the manager brought up a contro­versial issue.

b.     No one brought up the resignation of the director.


4.      conclude v., to stop; to come to a decision

a.     The committee members concluded the meeting early so that they could finish their budgets.

b.     After long discussions, the board has concluded that the project has to be canceled.


5.      go ahead v., to proceed with; n., permission to do something

a.     Five of the six members felt that they should go ahead with the plan.

b.     The manager was just waiting for the go ahead from her boss before mail­ing the report.


6.      goal n., objective, purpose

a.     Employees are expected to analyze and evaluate their annual goals.

b.     The director had to report to the committee that his department would not reach its goal of 35 percent growth.


7.      lengthy adj., long in time, duration, or distance

a.     After lengthy discussions, the chairperson was reelected for another term.

b.     The report was so lengthy that members had to take it home and read it over the weekend.


8.      matter n., an item, issue, topic of interest

a.     If there are no other matters to discuss, we will conclude the meeting.

b.     This is not the place to bring up personal matters.


9.      periodically adv., from time to time

a.     The group tried to meet periodically.

b.     Periodically, new members were nominated to the committee.


10.     priority n., something of importance, something that should be done before other things

a.     Since the remaining issues were not a priority, the group decided to move them to the next week's agenda.

b.     The manager was ineffective because she was unable to set priorities.


11.     progress n., a movement forward; v., to move forward on something, especially work or a project

a.     The executive committee asked each group to present a report showing their progress for the year.

b.     Progress is being made on the annual report; we expect to see a finished product by next week.


12.     waste v., not to use wisely; n., not worthwhile

a.     Without a leader, the group members wasted time and energy trying to organize themselves.

b.     The meeting wasn't a waste of time, but the members had hoped to accom­plish more than they did.

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