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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  brand n., an identifying mark or label; a trademark

a.      Consumers often buy highly advertised brands of athletic shoes.

b.      b. All brands of aspirin are the same.


2. conform v., to match specifications or qualities

a.      The quality control manager insisted that every product that left the plant conform to the company's rigorous standards.

b.      Our safety standards conform to those established by the government.


3. defect n., an imperfection or flaw

a.            Because of a defect in stitching, the entire suit was thrown out.

b.            One way to sell a product with a defect is by labeling it as such and reducing the price.


4. enhance v., to make more attractive or valuable

a.         The reason behind quality control is to enhance the company's reputation for superior products.

b.         A stylish color enhances the appeal of a car.


5. garment n., an article of clothing

a.         Every garment must be carefully inspected for defects before it is shipped.

b.         The garment workers are accountable for production mistakes.


6. inspect v., to look at closely; to examine carefully or officially

a.         A quality control agent who does not inspect every product carefully can ruin his company's reputation.

b.         Children's car seats are thoroughly inspected and tested for safety before being put on the market.


7. perceptive adj., able to see or understand

a.           Dora always hires good workers because she is very perceptive about people's abilities.

b.           It takes a perceptive person to be a good manager.


8. repel v., to keep away; to fight against

a.    Umbrellas that do not repel water should never be passed through quality control.

b.    Faulty products repel repeat customers.


9. take back v., to return something; to withdraw or retract

a.    Good quality control significantly limits the number of products taken back for a refund.

b.    The quality inspector took the shoddy work back to the assembly line to confront the workers.


10. throw out v., to dispose of

a.            It is cheaper to throw out shoddy products than to lose customers.

b.            The factory decided to throw out hundreds of lightbulbs that might have been damaged, rather than lose customers.


11 uniformly adv., in the same way; consistently

a.         The products are checked to make sure they are uniformly packaged before they leave the factory.

b.         The food at chain restaurants is uniformly prepared so that customers will always find the same quality at each restaurant.


12. wrinkle n., a crease, ridge, or furrow, especially in skin or fabric

a.    A wrinkle that is ironed into a permanent-press product will annoy the consumer each time the garment is worn.

b.    A wrinkle in the finish can be repaired more economically before a sale than after.

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