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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  annually adv., once a year

        a.  Everyone should get a physical exam annually.

        b.  A number of tests are provided annually by my insurance plan.


2.  appointment n., arrangements for a meeting; a position in a profession

        a.  To get the most out of your appointment, keep a log of your symptoms and concerns.

        b.  The psychiatrist holds an academic appointment at the university hospital as well as having a private practice.


3.  assess v., to determine the value or rate of something

        a.  The physical therapist assessed the amount of mobility Ms. Crowl had lost after her stroke.

        b.  The insurance rate Mr. Victor was assessed went up this year after he admitted that he had started smoking again.


4.  diagnose v., to recognize a disease; to analyze the nature of something

        a.  After considering the patient's symptoms and looking at his test results, the doctor diagnosed the lump as benign.

        b.  She diagnosed the problem as a failure to follow the directions for taking the medication.


5.  effective adj., producing the desired effect; being in effect

        a.  Howard was pleased to find that the diet recommended by his doctor was quite effective.

        b.  The new policies, effective the beginning of the fiscal year, change the amount charged to see the physician.


6.  instrument  n., a tool for precise work; the means whereby something is achieved

        a.  The pediatrician tried not to frighten the children with her strange-looking instruments.

        b.  The senior physician carried his instruments in a black leather bag.


7.  manage v., to handle; to deal with; to guide

        a.  The head nurse's ability to manage her staff through a difficult time caught the hospital administrator's attention.

        b.  By carefully managing their limited resources, the couple found the money for the elective surgery.


8.  prevent v., to keep from happening; to hinder

        a.  By encouraging teenagers not to smoke, doctors are hoping to prevent many cases of cancer.

        b.  His full caseload prevented the doctor from taking on new patients.


9.  recommendation n., advice; endorsement

        a.  It is important to follow the doctor's recommendations if you want to improve your health.

        b.  The professor gave her former student a recommendation when he applied for a job at the hospital.


10. record n., an official copy of documents

        a.  Ms. Han typed a written request for her medical records.

        b.  The official records kept in the city archives showed that an unusually high number of babies are born in the summer months.


11. refer v., to direct for treatment or information; to mention

        a.  I was referred to this specialist by the family practice nurse.

        b.    As soon as Agnes referred to the failed treatment, everyone's mood soured.


12. serious adj., weighty

        a.  The impact of the serious news could be read on everyone's face.

        b.    For her dissertation, she made a serious study of women's health care needs in developing nations.


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