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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.      disk n., an object used to store digital information

a.     The head of the optical disk reader was dirty.

b.     Rewritable compact discs are more expensive than read-only CDs.


2.      facilitate v., to make easier

a.     The computer program facilitated the scheduling of appointments.

b.     The director tried to facilitate the transition to the new policy by meeting with all staff who would be affected.


3.      network v., to connect; to broadcast; n., an interconnected group or system over a radio or TV; to engage in informal communication

a.     The recent graduate networked with her mother's coworkers.

b.     We set up a new network in my office to share files.


4.      popularity n., the state of being widely admired, sought, or accepted

a.     After the new commercials began running, the popularity of the batteries increased significantly.

b.     This brand of computers is extremely popular among college students.


5.      process v., to put through a series of actions or prescribed procedure; n., a series of operations or actions to bring about a result

a.     I've processed the data I collected and have gotten some interesting results.

b.     There is a process for determining why your computer is malfunctioning.


6.      replace v., to put back in a former place or position; to take the place of

a.      I've replaced the hard drive that was malfunctioning.

b.      We have been looking for three months and we've found no one who can replace our former administrator.


7.      revolution n., a sudden or momentous change in a situation; a single complete cycle

a.      We see a revolution in the computer field almost every day.

b.      My CD player is broken; the disk cannot make a complete revolution around the magnet.


8.      sharp adj., abrupt or acute; smart

a.      There was a sharp decline in calls to the help desk after we upgraded each employee's computer.

b.      The new employee proved how sharp she was when she mastered the new program in a few days.


9.      skill n., a developed ability

a.     The software developer has excellent technical skills and would be an asset to our software programming team.

b.     Salman's job as designer of electronic tools makes good use of his manual dexterity skills.


10.     software n., the programs for a computer

a.     This software allows me to integrate tables and spreadsheets into my reports.

b.     Many computers come pre-loaded with software.


11.     store v., to keep

a.      You can store more data on a zip drive.

b.      We store the master disks in the fireproof safe.


12.     technically adv., with specialized skill or knowledge

a.     Technically speaking, the virus infected only script files.

b.     The office was finally up-to-speed technically.

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