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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  busy adj., engaged in activity

         a.    Alfred was busy getting ready for his vacation.

         b.    The airport was busy, with people catching planes and heading for car rental companies.


2.  coincide v., to happen at the same time

         a.    My cousin's wedding coincided with a holiday weekend, so it was a perfect time to rent a car and go for a drive.

         b.    Sean was hoping that the days for the special discount on car rentals would coincide with his vacation, but they did not.


3.  confusion n., a lack of clarity, order, or understanding

         a.    There was some confusion about which rental discount coupons applied to which car rental agency.

         b.    To avoid any confusion about renting the car, Yolanda asked her travel agent to make the arrangements on her behalf.


4.  contact v., to get in touch with

         a.    Manuel contacted at least a dozen car rental agencies to get the best deal.

         b.    Last night I was contacted by my travel agent who said he had found a better price on a car rental.


5.  disappoint v., to fail to satisfy the hope, desire, or expectation of

         a.     Leila was disappointed to discover that no rental cars were available the weekend she wished to travel.

         b.     I hate to disappoint you, but I can't allow you to rent a car unless you have a major credit card.


6.  intend v., to have in mind

         a.     I never intended to drive to Los Angeles until my brother suggested we do it together.

         b.     Do you intend to return the car to this location or to another location?


7.  license n., the legal permission to do or own a specified thing

         a.     First, I'll need to see your driver's license and a major credit card.

         b.     You will need a license in order to run this business.


8.  nervously adv., in a distressed or uneasy manner

         a.     As we approached the city Lonnie started driving nervously, so I volunteered to drive that part of the trip.

         b.     I looked around nervously the entire time I was in the dark parking garage.


9.  optional adj., not compulsory or automatic

          a.  Check this box if you wish to have this optional insurance.

          b.  Having a driver's license is not optional.


10.  tempt v., to be inviting or attractive to

          a.  I am tempted by the idea of driving across the country instead of flying.

          b.  Gina is tempted to rent the smaller car to save a few dollars.


11.  thrill n., the source or cause of excitement or emotion

          a.  The thought of renting a sports car gave John a thrill.

          b.  Just taking a vacation is thrill enough, even if we are driving instead of flying.


12.  tier n., a rank or class

          a.  The car rental company had a few tiers of cars, each one costing more than the previous tier.

          b.  If you are on a budget, I suggest you think about renting a car from our lowest tier.


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