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Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:

optional tempted disappointment coincided intended confused contacted busy thrill tier nervous license


1. Many travelers taking a driving vacation simply rent a car. Yoko called ahead to rent a car at her vacation destination. Although she was   to book a car once she arrived at her destination, Yoko was   about not having a reservation. Her vacation   with a holiday, so she knew many other people would also be renting cars. Yoko wanted to avoid the   of finding that a car was not available at this   travel time.
There are a lot of car rental firms, so Yoko   several of them to compare rates and requirements. At each company she called, she learned she would need a valid driver′s   and a major credit card to rent a car.
Yoko was somewhat   by the many different rates for renting cars. Some companies offered substantial discounts provided that the car was reserved for a certain number of days. One company offered her a great daily rate, but it was based on a three-day rental. Since she only   to rent the car for two days, the discount did not apply to her. Also, the base price did not cover   costs, like collision insurance or gas refills.
Another factor influencing the rate was the type of car. Rentals are based on a   price system. The more luxurious or sporty, or the larger the car, the higher the daily rate. Since Yoko needed only a small reliable car, she found a reasonable rate—although she would have liked the   of driving a convertible!

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