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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  allow v., to let do or happen; to permit

        a.  My insurance does not allow me to choose my own hospital.

        b.  The health plan made an exception by allowing me to go directly to a dermatologist.


2.  alternative adj., allowing a choice; other

        a.  To lower the cost of health insurance, my employer chose an alternative method of insuring us.

        b.  I'd like to discuss alternative treatments before I agree to anything.


3.  aspect n., a feature element; an appearance

        a.  The right to choose their own doctor is an important aspect of health coverage for many people.

        b.  The aspect of HMOs that people most dislike is the lack of personal service.


4.  concern n., anxiety; worry

        a.  Whenever I have health concerns, I call my doctor.

        b.  The rising cost of health care is of great concern to many people.


5.  emphasize v., to stress

        a.  The nurse emphasized the importance of eating a balanced diet.

        b.  The new insurance plan emphasizes wellness by providing reimbursement for health club memberships.


6.  incur v., to become subject to

        a.  I incurred substantial expenses that my health plan does not cover.

        b.  Dominic incurs the cost of a co-payment at each doctor's visit.


7.  personnel n., a group of employees or workers

        a.  The office manager insisted that she needed more personnel to finish the project on time.

        b.  The employee went to see the director of personnel about taking an extended leave of absence.


8.  policy n., a set of rules and regulations

        a.  Company policy did not provide for overtime pay.

        b.  The company's insurance policy did not cover cosmetic surgery.


9.  portion n., a section or quantity within a larger thing; a part of a whole

        a.  A portion of my benefits is my health care coverage.

        b.  I am keeping a record of the portion of my income I spend on health care.


10. regardless adv., in spite of

        a.  Regardless of the cost, we all need health insurance.

        b.  I keep going to the same doctor, regardless of the fact that she does not take my pain seriously.


11. salary n., a fixed compensation paid regularly for work done; one's pay

        a.  The receptionist believed that he worked too hard for such a small salary.

        b.  The technician was pleased to have a raise in salary after only six months on the job.


12. suit v., to be appropriate; to satisfy

        a.  This insurance plan doesn't suit our family as it doesn't cover well-baby care.

        b.  I have finally found a health plan that suits my needs.


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